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Celebrating Tim Burton's "The Nightmare Before Christmas".

Halloween is coming soon, and with this comes many of our favorite spooky movies. However, there is one movie that is a Halloween movie to some and a Christmas movie to others. This is Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas. Whether you think it is a Halloween movie, Christmas movie, or both, we all can respect it for the work of art it is. This movie revolutionized the stop motion industry and created more interest around these types of films This movie consists of 110,000 individual frames that each had to be hand set by animators. Each individual frame plays a crucial part in telling this story of Jack Skellington and Sandy Clause. One minute of this film took animators a week to shoot, bringing the total time of production to about three years. This can be compared to the time it takes for non stop motion movies, which only take about a year to produce.

Did you know that Jack Skellington had two voice actors performing as him? Jack was voiced by Chris Sarandon for every talking scene. Yet, he was voiced by Danny Elfman for singing scenes. Danny Elfman was the composer of the music for the film and Tim Burton felt no one but Elfman could do the songs justice for the film. However, Elfman did not want to act, so he only agreed to do the singing for the film. This was executed so flawlessly that most people would never notice a difference between the two voices.

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