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Introducing Geeki Tiki

Many of us have experienced going to a tiki bar, such as Trader Sam’s at the Disney Parks. Some of us love it so much that we go to as many of these tropical themed bars as we can. There is a strong tiki following. Along with this comes the fascination of the tiki mugs. These ceramic mugs are designed as Polynesian statues or symbols. Fans collect these mugs and commonly display their collection as a way of showing what bars they have visited. Trader Vics was the first person to use a ceramic mug with representations of Polynesian culture on them at his restaurant in 1940. One of Trader Vic’s employees, Bob Bryant, opened Tiki Bob’s in 1955. This is considered to be the birthplace of the actual tiki idol style mug. Eventually in the mid 1970’s the tiki went out of style and did not make a return until the 1990’s. This rebirth created the following that is still present to this day.

If any of you collect tiki mugs, or want to start, we will be starting to carry tiki mugs by the brand Geeki Tiki. This brand creates tiki mugs based off of pop culture icons. These include, Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Disney, and many horror films. The design of these mugs are unlike any way you have seen these characters before, and are great to add to your collection. If you like tiki, or are just a fan of pop culture, these mugs are for you. They can be used for a themed party, a decoration or just to hold your beverage of choice. Make sure to stay tuned on our website to see when we add these new products.

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