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New Season of The Mandalorian Premieres October 30th!

Every Star Wars fan has probably taken the time to binge watch the first season of The Madalorian. From the amazing plots of each episode, to the new characters we meet, this show has grabbed our attention. From the moment the last episode was released fans have been anxiously awaiting news about when the next season will be airing on Disney Plus. While we knew that another season was in the works, we received our first glimpse of what season two has in store for us when the first trailer came out on September 15. If you have not watched it yet make sure to go watch it now so you are caught up on what is happening in the next season of the show. While the trailer did not show us much, we definitely will be seeing more Mando, more planets, both new and old and of course The Child too. Possibly, we might even be seeing a couple of Jedi.

The story line of this next season is not fully known yet, but make sure to check back on our website, or instagram @stagenine, for more information regarding The Madalorian. Also, make sure to check our our website to see what Star Wars and Madalorian products we have in stock right now. We  have a life size Funko Pop of The Child, as well as a backpack produced by Loungefly with The Child printed on it. Also, make sure to check if we have received any new products for this next season. If you want to look in person come down to our store to see what we have in stock. Our staff is working hard to keep those who come into our stores as safe as they can be, as well as keeping each other safe. We strive to do our part to lower the risk so that our store, and the rest of the businesses in Old Sacramento, can return to normal as soon as possible. 

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