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We Want To See Your Finished Puzzles!

During this time, I am sure all of us have completed, or at least attempted a couple of puzzles. COVID 19 has caused the demand for puzzles to greatly increase. In some stores the demand for puzzles has gone up by 370%. Here at our stores, we have definitely seen this first hand. When quarantine began our puzzles were flying off the shelves, and getting one was extremely difficult. However, we have now been able to keep a steady stock of puzzles to keep up with our customer's needs.

Did you know that the first jigsaw puzzle was created in the1760’s by a British cartographer and engraver names John Spilsbury. He would paste maps onto pieces of wood and then cut them into pieces he could rearrange. Puzzles designed more for adults were created in 1900, and by 1908 a craze had been created around these puzzles. Each puzzle had to be hand cut and a 500-piece puzzle in 1908 cost around five dollars. This would be about 154 dollars today. On Saturdays people would go into shops and buy these puzzles for their upcoming house parties. While we cannot have any house parties right now, that does not mean we cannot treat ourselves to a puzzle. It’s a great activity to do when you're bored, or a family activity. Our geo puzzles are also great to help your kids learn while they are at home with digital learning. We have any type of puzzle you may want, from retro puzzles to wooden and geo puzzles. So, come into our store or check our website and pick which puzzle fits you best.

When you finish it, make sure to send us a picture @stagenine on Instagram to be featured. This way we can show how people are keeping busy, and show off our amazing puzzles.

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