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Disneyland Park Bench

SKU: 934309

From the collection of Stage Nine comes this incredible Disneyland Park Bench.

Occupying a space in town square on main street for 44 years, this wood and cast iron bench has been lovingly restored and painted in its original color.

Measuring 8' long and 32" high and in perfect condition.

Walt would sit on a similar wooden and green bench in Griffith Park and wait while the girls rode the merry-go-round.  Perhaps it was the boredom of sitting and waiting. Perhaps it was his desire to ride the merry-go-round himself.  Perhaps it was nothing more than daydreaming.  Whatever sparked the thoughts, it was while sitting on the bench waiting for his girls that Walt dreamt up a place where families could have fun together.   When interviewed later, Walt said, “Disneyland really began when my two daughters were very young. Saturday was always Daddy’s Day and I would take them to the merry-go-round and sit on a bench eating peanuts while they rode. And sitting there alone, I felt there should be something built, some kind of family park, where parents and children could have fun together.” He believed it so much he set out to create it!

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Disneyland Park Bench