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Walt Disney's Personal Autopia Tire

SKU: 933066

A true collector's piece of Disney history!

The Autopia attraction at Disneyland had a total of 40 vehicles on opening day:
37 for guests, 2 small police type cars, and Walt Disney's personal Autopia vehicle.

This tire comes off of Walt Disney's personal Autopia vehicle which was verified by Bob Gurr.  The ride was designed and built by Bob Gurr, and this tire has been autographed by Mr. Gurr.

The tire is mounted and openly framed - ready to hang!

The Disneyland Autopia, in one form or another, is one of the few current attractions that opened with the park on July 17, 1955. When it opened, it represented the future of what would become America's multilane limited-access highways, which were still being developed. President Eisenhower had yet to sign the Interstate Highway legislation at the time Disneyland opened.

Drivers can use the steering wheel along the track but the center rail will guide the cars along the track regardless of steering input. Drivers/children too short to depress the gas pedal are paired with taller individuals who can. Brakes are applied automatically when the driver releases the gas pedal.

The cars generate a moderate level of exhaust from the Honda GX gasoline engines that propel the cars. In 2000, it was replaced with a much larger Autopia sponsored by Chevron with many cars were replaced with Dusty, Suzy, and Sparky, the queue was even given animated dioramas featuring the Chevron Cars.

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Walt Disney's Personal Autopia Tire