Stage Nine Entertainment Group has had a long and exciting history.  Starting in 1991 as a quaint shop in Old Sacramento, we have since embarked on many successful endeavors.  Some highlights include:


1991- First retail store opened, “Old Sacramento Giftique”

1993 – Second retail operation opened – “Capital City Shirt Company”

1999 – Third and most ambitious to date retail store opened – “Stage Nine Entertainment Store

2000 – Developed “Sacramento Jazz Jubilee” Fundraiser Program

2003 – Opened fourth retail operation, “Stage Nine Entertainment Store” in the Country Club Plaza in Sacramento, CA

2004 – Opened fifth retail operation, known as “Stage Nine Vegas” in the Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas, NV

2005 – Entered into a fundraising partnership with the Susan G Komen in Sacramento, CA

2005 – Opened sixth retail operation entitled “G. Willikers Toy Emporium” in Old Sacramento, CA

2005 – Debuted first pop culture exhibit at the California State Fair, “Star Wars Through The Eyes Of The Fan

2006 – Developed first in a series of Disney, “Destination Sacramento Art Prints” with the Walt Disney Company

2006 – Developed second pop-culture exhibit for the California State Fair, “Hall of Heroes

2006 – Designed and developed a special project for “Wall Drug” in Wall, South Dakota

2007 – Developed third exhibit for the California State Fair, “Toytopia

2007 – Debuted the Disney Fine Art Trip and opened the “Stage Nine Vault“, our seventh retail store”

2008 – Developed the fourth featured exhibit for for the California State Fair, “Going Hollywood

2008 – Become partner of “What Cheer Building” in Old Sacramento

2009 – Developed the fifth featured exhibit for the California State Fair the exhibit, “It’s A Candy Nation

2009 – “It’s A Candy Nation” travels to second tour date, open at the Central Washington State Fair

2009- Stage Nine selected to manage all retail sales for the Boy Scouts 100th Anniversary Celebration

2009 – Developed and debuted, “Theatre of Lights” for Christmas Season in Old Sacramento

And then....?

2016 - Old Fashioned Candy Store opens it doors at 1117 Front St in Old Sacramento. 


A brief photographic tour showing some of our very early build outs and the friends and family that helped make them possible..