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Aladdin - Celebration in Agrabah - Framed Limited Edition Paper

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Limited Edition (95) Framed Lithograph 

By Eric Dowdle

Size: 21 x 25

Certificate of Authenticity Included

And so begins the epic parade through the streets of Agrabah. I love a  parade. I also love the magic of love. So, what to do? Well, put them  both together in this painting of Disney's Aladdin (1992). I remember the first time I saw a parade, the thrill of a rich,  moving pageant passing before me. They even threw me CANDY! the golden  currency of childhood. When I was young, I had the opportunity to be in a  small-town parade. It was amazing! There was energy and excitement. The  streets were lined with people waving and cheering, it felt like for  me. There were bright colors, cars, band music, loud sirens, clowns,  precision motorcycle groups, horses, and on and on. Even without a  personal genie, it was magical. Is that what you felt? I wanted to capture these feelings in the Aladdin painting, a grand  parade with all its wonder. This is a celebration of life in all its  variety. It is as magic as a newfound love or a magic carpet ride.  Everyone is feeling the exhilaration and happiness: the music, the  marvel, and the unwrapped thrill of the future. The Sultan is so  thrilled he is even smiling riding on the back of Abu the elephant (it  is not a comfortable ride, take it from me). I hope this bright  cityscape takes you to a place where wishes come true, maybe even 3 of  them. 

Ab Eric Dowdle has a background of hard work and dedication to God, family  and country. He was born and raised in the heart of the western United  States to parents of 12 children, 2 girls and 10 boys. Many of the  stories of his youth are reflected in his artwork – a chicken stuffed in  a mailbox, a young boy surprising his mom with flowers from the  neighbor’s yard, children bravely walking a fence line or Boy Scouts  playing pranks on each other.

The Dowdle family moved to Boston  where Eric developed a fascination with folk art. This style of art  brought together the values that were instilled in him throughout his  life with his love of people, sense of humor and the ability to tell the  stories of people through the detail of the artwork.

Eric, and  his wife Deb, now live on a charming farm with their own family and a  smattering of farm animals by the Wasatch Mountains in Lindon, Utah.  After visiting beloved locations throughout the world Eric easily  proclaims that home is “my favorite place on earth.”

Eric has  been creating art for over twenty years. He started painting in his  early twenties; parting ways with college after one year, to “go make  something happen.” Making things happen is how Eric does things;  painting, exploring, marketing, and working day and night to expand the  business and his collection of over 300 paintings. Today, his original  paintings have been converted into premium gifts and keepsakes, such as  fine-art prints, and more.

Eric captivates people of all ages  with his fun, quirky personality. His wit and charm make him a natural  for television, radio and social media spotlights. He can be found  starring in his second season of “Painting the Town with Eric Dowdle” on  the BYUtv network, distributed worldwide. Sirius XM Radio has aired  hundreds of programs, “Traveling with Eric Dowdle.” out The Artist