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Animaniacs Production Art

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Genuine production art from Steven Spielberg's Animaniacs

Size: 18 x 16


Original production  artwork is a one-of-a-kind pieces of animation art. Prior to the  creation of cels, each character pose and action must be drawn in  pencil. These drawings are the artistic backbone of the film or  television show, and are much in demand by collectors.Original  production drawings are one-of-a-kind pieces of art that were used in  the creation of an animated film or television show. Prior to the  creation of production cels, each  character pose and action must be drawn in pencil. These drawings are  the artistic backbone of the film or television show, and are much in  demand by collectors.There are two main types of original production drawings: rough drawings and clean-up drawings.As  the name suggests, rough drawings are imperfect in their lines, often  featuring multiple pencil strokes, erased elements, and sometimes scale  measurements (for instance indicating the size of the body in relation  to the size of the head). Some animation art lovers prefer rough  drawings for their raw artistry and out of appreciation for the fact  that this is where the animators put pencil to blank paper and began the  creative journey.Clean-up  drawings are recognizable by their smooth, singular lines and the  absence of the trial and error strokes seen in roughs. A clean-up  drawing is made from each rough by the animator placing a fresh sheet of  paper over a rough drawing, illuminated from below with a lightbox, and  tracing the best lines to create the ideal image for that moment in the  film. Some fans and collectors prefer clean-up drawings for their  beauty, simplicity, and because this is the actual drawing that led to  the next step in the process, the creation of the production cels.While  original production drawings lack the vivid color of cels, they are  very desirable for two main reasons. Many collectors prefer drawings  because it is at this stage that the animators really exercised their  talents and brought the characters to life. Another appealing aspect of  drawings is that they almost always cost significantly less than a  comparable production cel.