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Carnage Premium Format Figure by Sideshow Collectibles

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€œI am the ultimate insanity! I am CARNAGE!€The latest addition to Sideshow€™s collection of misfits, monsters, and miscreants to face off against our favorite web-slinger is non-other than Cletus Kasady himself €“ Carnage!Old Cletus was never the picture of sanity at the best of times, but merging with an alien symbiote brought out all new kinds of crazy in this maniacal criminal!This mass-murderin€™ monstrosity took evil to a whole new level when he was first introduced, and even made Venom seem positively logical by comparison. By bonding with Cletus Kassidy the symbiote took an already unhinged killer and imbued him with incredible powers of strength, speed, and shape-shifting €“ turning his body into a living weapon!Sideshow is proud to introduce an all-new Premium Format„¢ figure that truly depicts one of the darkest sides of Spider-Man€™s world, and one of the most twisted and deranged villains he ever faced!Expertly hand-painted, this truly dynamic sculpt is like a snapshot in time, showing Carnage rising from a pile of wreckage and debris, clawed hand outstretched, symbiote tendrils snaking around him, open mouthed and shrieking defiance at the world! Every inch of Carnage€™s figure has been painstakingly reproduced in incredible detail, from his gruesome visage with that sick and twisted €œsmile€ to the oily black tendrils that writhe wetly about his body.However you display your new Carnage figure he is sure to become a much-loved addition to your collection!22" x 11" x 20"This item has slight damage to the fingertips of the figure, because of this the price has been reduced from $799.99 to $599.99. If you'd like more information about this figure or pictures of the damage please contact us through our help button at the bottom of the screen.