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Cinderella Serving Board

SKU: 142525

"A dream is a wish your heart makes”.
Beautiful words from Cinderella, a Disney classic. Brighten your day every time you read these words, framed by beautiful flowers! 

The next time a couple of birds ask to hear about your dream, let them know that “A dream is a wish your heart makes”, and as you (and Cinderella) know, if you reveal your wish, it won’t come true. So keep that wish to yourself, because it has already been granted! Take home the beauty and the magic with the Cinderella – Billboard Glass Top Serving Tray. Cinderella’s famous quote is etched onto the removable tempered glass, and framed by beautiful pink flowers. The glass sits inside of a rubberwood cutting board, so it’s easy to clean and carry around. This cheese cutting board is so pretty it’s almost too difficult to cover up! But whether you have it as a showpiece or use it for your next Disney themed party, don’t let the clock strike midnight and miss out on the Cinderella – Billboard Glass Top Serving Tray.


  • 138 square inches of luxurious cutting surface
  • Tempered glass tray with rounded corners
  • May be used as a cutting board or a service tray
  • Non-slip feet 

Cinderella Serving Board