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Disney 100 Snow White Bone China Cup And Saucer

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When celebrating Disney turning 100, we knew that Snow White had to be involved, she is one of Disney’s oldest Princesses and the film Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs was the first Disney Princess film Walt Disney released. We have launched this collection not only to mark this special occasion but for you to have something that reminds you of all the years of magic Disney has given to us.

The D100 Snow White cup and saucer is absolutely stunning, with gorgeous motifs placed around the outside of the cup and the rim of the saucer all have which have been done in real platinum detailing.

Furthermore, the imagery of Snow White that is found on the D100 Snow White plate can also be found within the inside of the cup, making sure you have the perfect matching set. Just like all our pieces the D100 Snow White cup and saucer is made from fine bone china not only making you feel like a princess when you are using it, but also allowing you to know that this piece is going to last a lifetime.