Folkmanis: Beaver Puppet

SKU: 928145



Not for idle hands, this Folkmanis Beaver puppet is ready to get down to business. His resume includes sleek brown fur for swimming, a workable mouth that is complete with gnawing incisors, a flat textured tail for thumping, and a full set of realistic paws. But this fellow does not pause, for a Beaver's work is never done. Easy to feed and care for, just add lots of love and snuggly fun.
This puppet measures 18 x 7 x 6 inches.

Ideal for use in interactive stage and puppet theater, Folkmanis Puppets are also great for teaching, daycare, school, pretend play, games and parties, or to pair with a book for storytelling. Folkmanis has been encouraging young imaginations to blossom since 1976 with its innovative and engaging specialty puppets, promoting creativity and discovery while winning nearly every industry, child development, and kid-tested award.