Game Night in a Can

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Game Night in a Can is a party game made of 30 Creative Challenges and Games of Skill that is different every time you play, and always sends your imagination into hyper-drive. Play games like Frumpy Bumpers, Creepy Peepers, Fancy Dancers, and Pants-Poopin Scary Tales. It€™s perfect for family game nights, dorm rooms, holiday gatherings, office ice breakers, cabin getaways, camp activities, dinner parties and beyond. Every can sold plants a tree with Trees for the Future, so you can feel great about having fun and helping the environment! Create a new animal species for Noah€™s Ark, make a commercial for something in the room, competitively fly paper airplanes, bank balls of paper off your partner€™s face and so much more!

For Ages: 10+

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