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Jack Skellington Couture de Force

SKU: 909954

The always dapper Jack Skellington is looking more elegant than ever in this Couture de Force Figurine.

Inspired by Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas, Jack's makeover includes black tailcoat, ornate waistcoat, and top hat.

Outift includes an ornate waistcoat, patterned and incised tailcoat with extra long tails, and pearlescent lace cuffs and cravat

Jack's tuxedo pants are hauntingly adorned with metallic silver stripe

Plussed with amethyst colored faux gemstones for both a cravat pin and hat band decoration

Top hat band features real feathers

9 3/4'' H x 4'' W x 5 1/4'' L

Jack Skellington Couture de Force