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Labyrinth Jigsaw Puzzle

SKU: 910811

David Bowie appears as Jareth The Goblin King in this 500-piece puzzle dedicated to the classic film Labyrinth. 

Fans of the fantasy film Labyrinth will love this puzzle as it inspires nostalgia and music in anyone who has seen the movie. 

This puzzle recreates one of the classic movie collaborations between George Lucas, Brian Froud and the late Jim Henson who all contributed to this timeless movie that keeps fantasy lovers on their toes to this day. 

Jareth appears holding a crystal ball in which Sarah, Jennifer Connelly, is trapped in the grasp of the Goblin King.

Using thick cut pieces and quality materials, this puzzle is a joy to build for ages 14 and up as piece reveals a memorable character and spell from from movies. 

Puzzling is more than just fun! Puzzling develops logical thinking and problem-solving skills, memory, focus, and concentration, and builds confidence. Plus, it€™s a great way to unplug, relax, and destress.

Labyrinth Jigsaw Puzzle