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Lady & The Tramp Falling in Love-Estate Edition

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Framed Canvas Giclee  Print


From Thomas Kinkade Studios

Size:  26 x 35  (Image Size: 18 x 27)

Hand Signed and Remarque by Dirk Wunderlich

Certificate Of Authenticity Included

Estate Edition Note

 The Estate Edition is an extremely limited edition created with a textured process. It is then finished by a Master Highlighter with additional highlighting and a special hand sketched Remarque is applied to the verso side of the canvas. Each Estate Edition is designated by letter E/E during the numbering process. 



The cascading moonlight is a diffuse ocean above Lady and the Tramp, lessening the darkness of the night, but not bright enough to dull the shooting star that speckled and glittered in the sky above. As Lady and the Tramp sit gazing into each other’s eyes and falling-in-love they are seemingly unaware of the world around them. Set foot into this iconic scene, where you can almost smell the scent of spaghetti and meatballs wafting up to them on the night’s gentle breeze. Gaze upon Darling and Jim Dear walking hand-in-hand as they reminisce of when they fell in love.Thomas Kinkade loved everything Disney, but what Thom truly loved was the portrayal of blossoming love in Disney’s storytelling. Thomas Kinkade Studios is pleased to present Disney Lady and the Tramp Falling in Love, a classic love story that shares hope that love will blossom for all.