PIictureka! Card Game

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  • OBJECT OF THE GAME: Each of 4 fabulous card games has a different objective and pace. We include 78 Picture Cards (including 3 Penguin "wild" cards) 32 mission cards and Illustrated Instructions.
  • ALPHABETTI: A find-it-first frenzy. Find a picture starting with a letter. The letter is "A". Can you find a card with an Apple or Airplane? As soon as anyone spots something, shout "Picture"!
  • MATCHUREKA: Find 2 cards that match the mission. "Something from the sea" - find a shark on one card and a boat on another. "Picture!" you've done it!
  • 8-Away: a rousing race of a game that gets everyone flustered! get rid of all 8 of your cards by spotting mission pictures on them. First to run out of cards wins. Everyone plays at the same time.
  • COW€™S CREATIVE COMBO: combine cards to complete your mission. Your job is to match 3 picture cards to either one of the missions on your mission card. You GET to choose which one!

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