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Shadows in the Forest

SKU: 930060

Shadows in the Forest is the only collaborative board game that you play in the dark!
A fun board game for 2-7 players that operates like flashlight tag in the forest; play as the Seeker (controlling a lantern) or on a team that controls the 'Shadowlings' - forest creatures who hide from the light. The Seeker wants to freeze the Shadowlings, and the Shadowlings want to all make it to the same tree.

Shadows in the Forest is for ages 8+ and builds cooperation skills through fun gameplay.
Includes a Game Board, Mini Lantern (with batteries included), a Glow-in-the-Dark Die, 10 Hiding Places, 6 Shadowlings, and 6 Shadowling masks.

Winner of a Techlicious 2018 Best of Toy Fair Award.

Suggested Age: 8 Years and Up
Material: Plastic, cardboard
Playing Time: 20 Minutes
Includes: Dice, game board, game pieces
Number of Players: 2 or More Players

It's a board game that you play in the dark. One player controls the lantern, the others control the 'Shadowlings.' Just like in flashlight tag, the lantern wants to 'freeze' the Shadowlings - freeze them all and the lantern wins. The Shadowlings win if they can all make it to the same tree.

Batteries Included

Shadows in the Forest