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Thay Thumpin NIce

SKU: 934568

Framed Limited Edition Print with Embellishment

By David Willardson

Size: 21.5 x 26

Certificate of Authenticity and Recent Appraisal Included


About The Artist-

David Willardson is an American artist. He has worked on Disney characters, designing a "new look" for many of Disney's movie posters. He attended the Art Center College of Design. Willardson is a "pep" artist  Also, Willardson did Disney movie campaigns for 17 years. As an award-winning illustrator in the 1970s, Willardson was instrumental in the rise of airbrush art in pop culture. His venerable airbrush skills paved the way to a prolific career in illustration and design. His work includes the American Graffiti album cover, Rolling Stone magazine cover art, the Fender guitar poster series and the album cover for, Fizzy Fuzzy, Big & Buzzy, by The Refreshments.

Thay Thumpin NIce