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The Art of Mulan (Hardcover Edition)

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 The Art of Mulan is back in print again for new  generations, along with stunning additional visual development artwork  and a new foreword by Thomas Schumacher. Inspired by a two-thousand-year-old Chinese legend, Mulan  was the first animated feature film to be primarily produced by Disney’s  animation studio at Walt Disney World in Florida. This was a dazzling  array of talented and dedicated filmmakers who specialized in  traditional hand-drawn animation and collaborated on the musical segment  “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King” in The Lion King (1994), shorts ranging from the Roger Rabbit cartoon Tummy Trouble (1989) to the legendary folktale John Henry (2000), and feature films such as Lilo & Stitch (2002). The Art of Mulan  reveals the story behind the making of the film in this distinct place  and at this particular time, both of which bridge the Disney animation  renaissance of the 1990s and the sensibilities of today’s Walt Disney  Animation Studios. Like the film’s heroine, the Disney artists who  created Mulan made a journey of self-discovery that began with a  momentous decision: to make a modern film adapted from an ancient  Chinese source. The Art of Mulan chronicles their efforts to  remain faithful to the spirit of the original legend and the traditions  of the Chinese culture, while at the same time make it accessible for an  international audience approaching the end of the second millennium.  Their words reveal their passion while more than 350 stunning color and  black-and-white illustrations showcase their brilliance, all clear  reminders of why Mulan has become a fan favorite of so many who grew up with it.