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Gallery Wrapped Canvas Giclee Print from Thomas Kinkade StudioSize: 10 x 14Certificate of Authenticity Included Image NotesOn the ice planet of Hoth„¢, the Rebel Squadrons battle the Imperial AT-STs„¢ and massive AT-ATs„¢ led by General Veers„¢. Luke Skywalker€™s„¢ snowspeeder has been shot down and he narrowly escapes before an AT-AT crushes his ship. He is able to destroy another AT-AT before it can do serious damage to the rebel line protecting the power generator.With the energy shield in peril, Princess Leia„¢, Han Solo„¢, Chewbacca„¢, and C-3P0„¢ are one step ahead of Darth Vader„¢ and the Imperial Stormtroopers„¢ who have entered the ice base. They are able to escape aboard the Millennium Falcon„¢ bound for the Rebel forces rendezvous point beyond the Outer Rim. €œThe Battle of Hoth€ by Thomas Kinkade Studios defines a critical moment between the Empire and the Rebels.