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The Mandalorian-Two For The Road

SKU: 145591

Framed Canvas Print from Thomas Kinkade Studios

By Monte Moore

Size: 17.5 x 21.5 (Image Size 12 x 16)

Certificate of Authenticity Included



Grogu™ and the Mandalorian™ have had quite the adventure so far, and some harrowing and touching moments along the way, but up until now Mando’s rules and code are not to be broken even when it comes to the Razor Crest™ and especially not playing with the ship’s knobs. The simple gesture of Mando giving his charge his favorite distraction shows how far he’s come and how close he’s grown to his companion as this bonding moment solidifies their connection. To me this moment is a culmination thus far of this “lone wolf and cub” relationship….or even close to a father and son… 

The Mandalorian-Two For The Road