The Three Little Pigs Shadow Puppet Set

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This wonderful gift box contains a rechargeable wind-up torch in the shape of a Big Bad Wolf, 7 shadow puppets, a traditional story script and a super little picture book. Perfect for bedtime. 8 inches / 20cm high.

In a dark room, shine your torch on the silhouette on a stick puppets and project the characters on the wall whilst you read the wonderfully illustrated story book with an irreverent modern slant, or follow the simple traditional story in script form.

Just give it a gentle sqeeze to power up the light and away you go. Endless fun for little ones and no batteries to replace or throw away. Most batteries end up in landfill sites poisoning the planet so these eco toys are the perfect solution. A fun inovative eco design.

The youngest of children can press the pop out lever which powers the torch and the led bulb is everlasting so no need to replace. Squeezing the torch for about 1 minute will give up to five minutes of light.

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