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Tinkerbell and Peter Pan Fly To Neverland-Art Print

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Art Print from Thomas Kinkade Studios

Size: 11 x 14



  • Printed on premium Satin Art Paper
  • Long-life pigment inks that outperform conventional press inks
  • Certificate of Authenticity Included
  • Presented in a full size protective envelope.
  • Shipped flat in rigid packaging.
  • Made in the USA

Image Notes

As with the first two paintings in my twelve piece Disney Dreams Collection  (affectionately referred to as the "Disney dozen" by die hard  collectors!), I try to tell the whole story in a single image – what I  refer to as a "narrative panorama". We see Neverland in the distance,  just below the "second star to the right", as the full moon bathes the  scene with its silvery glow. The lights of London twinkle along the  river Thames, as the clouds take shape, if only in our imagination, as  characters from the adventure – Captain Hook, Smee, the Lost Boys and  the ubiquitous ticking crocodile. But for me, the central character of  the story will always remain Tinker Bell, the enchanted fairy princess  who makes the entire journey of imagination possible.