UGears Tanker

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Another sophisticated item from our wooden vehicles collection is The Tanker. Based on UGM-11 Truck, the Mechanical Tanker model is equipped with a four-cylinder rubber band engine and features a real-life like transmission that sets The Tanker in €œdrive€, €œreverse€ and €œneutral€ mode. What makes this models unique and exciting is a real TANKER with the opening mechanism! Tanker fits and can carry a standard 8 oz. soda can.


How UGears Tanker Works

To start The Tanker€™s engine, set it in €œidle mode€. Look under the folding hood for a marvelous display of real-life working machinery: observe the work of four moving pistons mechanism.  This model is deliberately designed to have a raw, open look so even the casual observer could appreciate the marvels going on inside.

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