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Vor'cha Class Model

SKU: 922123

The Vor'Cha class attack cruiser is a powerful vessel that debuted in the Next Generation episode "reunion". It's combat role is stated to be comparable to that of a heavy cruiser.

Item#: MMS283
Number Of Sheets 2 Sheets
Difficulty Challenging
Assembled Size 4.29" x 3.23" x 1.77"


Metal Earth miniatures allow you to construct these yourself and show off on your desk or home. Each Model + Tweezer is amazingly detailed laser etching.

These amazingly detailed DIY Model + Tweezeres start as 4 inch square steel sheets and finish as amazing 3D Model + Tweezers. Use the easy to follow instructions to pop out the pieces, bend the tabs, and conenct the attachment points. A pair of tweezers is recommended. Build your collection today!

Vor'cha Class Model