102 K St
Sacramento, CA


Stage Nine Entertainment Store, located centrally in Old Sacramento and encompassing the entire corner of Front and K Street and is one of Old Sacramento’s most popular destinations. Rebuilt from the ground up, the location that Stage Nine now inhabits what was once an old sound stage and movie production studio.  Boarded up and forgotten in the late 1960’s, until owner Troy Carlson acquired the property in 1999 and Stage Nine was born.

Besides the sheer visual wonder of the store itself, from the props, custom buildings, and decorating, Stage Nine Entertainment Store is first and foremost a specialty retailer focusing on everything relating to movies and pop culture.  Stage Nine is the only store in the Western United states to hold such a diverse inventory.  Stage Nine specializes in authentic celebrity autographs (which our autograph team acquires personally), unique and one-of-a-kind movie memorabilia and props, celebrity stills and photographs, movie posters, toys, Hollywood-themed items and much more.

Stage Nine Entertainment Store is also home to “The Vault“, which is considered by Disney Fine Art to be one of the most highly respected and successful privately-owned Animation Art galleries in Northern California.  The Vault at Stage Nine carries a vast assortment of animation art ranging from original paintings, Giclees, fine art prints, lithographs and 3D sculptures and statuettes from such esteemed studios as Walt Disney, Warner Brothers, Fox Studios, Clampett Studios, Chuck Jones and more.

Newest to the Stage Nine family of stores is Old Fashioned Candy and Confectionery, which carries a great collection of retro and modern candies to delight you sweet tooth.