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Stage Nine Entertainment, Inc. consists of a collection of stores and business entities based in Old Sacramento, California that focus on the world of fun, creativity, and entertainment. Our retail stores, Stage Nine Entertainment StoreG! Willikers Toy EmporiumThe Vault, The Old Fashioned Candy and Confectionery Store, and California Clothiers are your ultimate destinations for everything pop culture, movies, television, nostalgia, animation, clothing and thousands of other unique memorabilia items.  Collectively, our stores carry over 30,000 unique and nostalgic collectibles and gift items.

We are located in the historic Old Sacramento Waterfront, right in the middle of where the Gold Rush began, at the corner of Front and K Street. Stop by and browse one of Northern California’s most unique collections of specialty retailers.

Mon-Thurs 10am - 8pm
Fri-Sat 10am - 8pm
Sunday 10am-7pm
*Hours may vary, please call for details.

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We pride our wide selection of both nostalgic and new age toys and memorabilia and maintain one of the largest inventories of pop-culture merchandise in Northern California.

Perfect For That Special Gift!

Visits one of our stores and you’ll be sure to find the right gift for him or her, and especially the kids!


disney preferred

The Vault at Stage Nine is a Disney Preferred Gallery and carries a vast selection of artwork and collectibles from various other animation and movie studios.

102 K St
Sacramento, CA


Stage Nine Entertainment Store, located centrally in Old Sacramento and encompassing the entire corner of Front and K Street and is one of Old Sacramento’s most popular destinations. Rebuilt from the ground up, the location that Stage Nine now inhabits what was once an old sound stage and movie production studio.  Boarded up and forgotten in the late 1960’s, until owner Troy Carlson acquired the property in 1999 and Stage Nine was born.

Besides the sheer visual wonder of the store itself, from the props, custom buildings, and decorating, Stage Nine Entertainment Store is first and foremost a specialty retailer focusing on everything relating to movies and pop culture.  Stage Nine is the only store in the Western United states to hold such a diverse inventory.  Stage Nine specializes in authentic celebrity autographs (which our autograph team acquires personally), unique and one-of-a-kind movie memorabilia and props, celebrity stills and photographs, movie posters, toys, Hollywood-themed items and much more.

Stage Nine Entertainment Store is also home to “The Vault“, which is considered by Disney Fine Art to be one of the most highly respected and successful privately-owned Animation Art galleries in Northern California.  The Vault at Stage Nine carries a vast assortment of animation art ranging from original paintings, Giclees, fine art prints, lithographs and 3D sculptures and statuettes from such esteemed studios as Walt Disney, Warner Brothers, Fox Studios, Clampett Studios, Chuck Jones and more.

Newest to the Stage Nine family of stores is Old Fashioned Candy and Confectionery, which carries a great collection of retro and modern candies to delight you sweet tooth.


1113 Front St
Sacramento, CA 95814


G. Willikers! is exactly what you’ll be saying as you exit the historic boardwalks and scenery of Old Sacramento and enter a fun and amazing world of nostalgia and good old fashioned fun that is known as G. Willikers.  G. Willikers! was established in 2005 and is considered to be one of Old Sacramento’s premiere retail shops.  The concept behind this toy-filled extravaganza is that fun doesn’t only come in the form of high-tech or computerized toys. Take a slight step backwards in time…  A time when toys were more simple and didn’t always have to include microchips and batteries.  G. Willikers specializes in all forms fun, ranging from a huge assortment of nostalgic and hard-to-find toys to one of the largest collection of the newest model train sets and components in Northern California.

Besides the unique collection of merchandise is the sheer visual experience one is treated to upon entering the store.  Challenging even the most complex visual treats found in world-famous toy stores throughout the world, G. Willikers! houses many custom build wonders such as the LGB Train Mountain, with several automated train sets running throughout the day to the Route 66-themed area with an amazing assortment of toys most people probably haven’t seen since the 70’s or 80’s.

G. Willikers! Toy Emporium Carries thousands of different product lines, here are a few of our favorites:


Thomas the Tank Engine® Toys

Schleich® Action Figures, Animal Toys, and Figurines

Hello Kitty®

Model Trains & Sets including LGB® and Lionel® locomotives, cars, track, components, scenery items, & accessories

Nostalgic wind-up robots in the “Robot Room”

Novelty toys, gags, and pranks toys

Nostalgic Board Games

Nostalgic and hard-to-find candies and confections, including a large assortment of Jelly Belly® jelly beans and toys


102 K St
Sacramento, CA


The Vault at Stage Nine is one of California’s premiere animation art and movie studio galleries* carrying a huge assortment of collectible prints, images, and sculptures.  Modeled after a real-life bank vault, The Vault houses some of Stage Nine’s most prized and rare collectibles.  The Vault carries several different mediums including:

Limited Edition Giclees
Original Artwork
Original Production Drawings

From prestigious studios such as:

Disney Fine Art (Collector’s Editions; ACME Archives)

Thomas Kinkade’s Disney Dreams Collection

Star Wars Fine Art (ACME Archives)

Warner Brothers (Linda Jones Enterprises)

Fox Studios (ACME Archives)

Super Heroes (Clampett Studios)

Dr SeussPeanuts (21st Century Fine Arts)

Pixar Animation (Collector’s Editions; ACME Archives)

*The Vault at Stage Nine is a Disney Preferred Gallery

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1107 Front St
Sacramento, CA 95814


Do you remember candies like Wax Lips, Bonomo’s Turkish Taffy, BB Bats, Bottle Caps, Candy Buttons on paper tape, or Flicks? How about bulk candies like Mary Janes, Atomic Fireballs and Bit-O-Honey? You probably also remember going to the corner store and bringing home as many of these candies as you could carry.

At the Old Fashioned Candy and Confectionery, you’re able to easily find the candy from days past. Much of our inventory is sold in bulk. So take your time and a slow walk down memory lane. The memories are on us!