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Our Twelve Trends of Christmas

Our Twelve Trends of Christmas

Along with the Twelve Toys of Christmas, Stage Nine also works to carry all twelve of the trends. These trends have been rated as the most popular categories for holiday gifts to be in. If you find any of these trends interesting you can find the products that go with them on our website. If you would like to learn about the twelve toys of Christmas as well, then make sure to read our last blog post along with this one.
Getting Into the Christmas Spirit

Getting Into the Christmas Spirit

If you have been to Old Sacramento around Christmas time I am sure you have seen the gigantic Christmas tree that towers over Front Street. Here at Stage Nine we are dedicated to decorating for every holiday, especially Christmas. During this season we decorate the surrounding streets and buildings.
Bringing Back Your Favorite Classic Arcade Games

Bringing Back Your Favorite Classic Arcade Games

Classic arcade games have been a staple of many people’s childhoods ever since the first game, Computer Space, came out in 1971. This was a coin operated game produced by Bushnell and Ted Dabney, and it was the first game to be commercially sold.

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