What Is Stage Nine?

Stage Nine Entertainment Store, located centrally in the Old Sacramento Waterfront and encompassing the entire corner of Front and K Street, is one of the area's most popular destinations.

Since 1999, Stage Nine has whisked visitors away to a fantastical and amazing world of nostalgia and good old fashioned fun. We specialize in everything relating to movies, television, pop culture, toys, Disney animation art and more!

One of the primary concepts behind Stage Nine Entertainment is that fun doesn’t just come in the form of high-tech computerized toys and apps. We like to take our customers a step backwards to a time when toys, games, and memorabilia were more simple and didn’t always have to include microchips and batteries.

Our store houses several custom-built wonders such as the "The Vault", where you can take in one of the west's largest collections of Disney, Warner Bros, and Fox Studios animation art.

Moving deeper into our store and visitors will come across our nostalgic candy and confectionery store that carries everything from your favorite childhood treats and treasures, to some of the most hard-to-find soft drinks around.

Finally, take a stroll through G! Willikers Toy Emporium, which prominently displays our LGB Train Mountain, with several automated train sets running throughout the day to the Route 66-themed area with an amazing assortment of toys most people probably haven’t seen since the 70’s or 80’s.

G! Willikers has a vast selection of toys for all ages, including a large collection of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math-based toys). (Oh, and watch out a the life-sized dinosaurs that might be on the loose while you're there)

After dabbling in e-commerce here and there for the past decade, 2020 presented itself as the perfect opportunity to go full steam ahead and fully realize our online potential. In addition to shopping in-person at our brick and mortar retail location, visitors can now access and choose from a vast collection of items online on our brand new website. Despite the immense challenges that 2020 has brought about, one of the bright spots for us has been the opportunity to broaden our reach to the entire United States! So, if this if your first introduction to Stage Nine, WELCOME!

Our new eCommerce team fulfills and ships online orders daily and we are excited to offer a multitude of specials, promotions, free shipping, and other incentives to help customers find exactly what they're looking for while also supporting local small businesses.