Stage Nine Entertainment Store, located centrally in Old Sacramento and encompassing the entire corner of Front and K Street and is one of Old Sacramento Waterfront’s most popular destinations.

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We specialize in everything relating to movies, television, and pop culture, toys, and more.

G. Willikers! is exactly what you’ll be saying as you this fantastical and amazing world of nostalgia and good old fashioned fun. The concept behind this toy-filled extravaganza is that fun doesn’t only come in the form of high-tech or computerized toys. We like to take our customers a step backwards in time…  A time when toys were more simple and didn’t always have to include microchips and batteries.  G. Willikers! specializes in all forms toys, ranging from a huge assortment of nostalgic and hard-to-find toys to one of the largest collections of model train sets around

Our store houses custom-built wonders such as the LGB Train Mountain, with several automated train sets running throughout the day to the Route 66-themed area with an amazing assortment of toys most people probably haven’t seen since the 70’s or 80’s.

Stage Nine Entertainment Store is also home to “The Vault“, which is considered by Disney Fine Art to be one of the most highly respected and successful privately-owned Animation Art galleries in Northern California.  The Vault at Stage Nine carries a vast assortment of animation art ranging from original paintings, Giclees, fine art prints, lithographs, 3D sculptures and statuettes from such esteemed studios as Walt Disney, Warner Brothers, Fox Studios, Clampett Studios, Chuck Jones and more.