Sleeping Beauty

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Maleficent's Transformation -  Disney Treasure On Canvas
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Colors of Evil - Disney Treasure On Canvas
Miss Mindy Maleficent Figure
Sleeping Beauty S&P Shakers
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Flames of Maleficent - Disney Treasure On Canvas
Morning Flight
Morning Flight
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Maleficent the Dragon
A Clash for Love
Sleeping Beauty Production Drawing
Maleficent Waterball
Flames of Maleficient Limited
Colors of Evil Limited
Devious Maleficient
Bioworld Maleficent Dragon Scale Bag
Maleficent Pop! Figure
A Royal Afternoon
Blessing for the Princess
Queens of Madness
Misleading Ladies
Maleficent and Diablo
Maleficent Summons The Power
Maleficent's Fury Gallery Wrap
All Their Wicked Ways
Maleficent Candy Curse Figure
Maleficent as Dragon Figurine
Three Fairies Jim Shore
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Maleficent Summons The Power -  Disney Treasure On Canvas
Miss Mindy Aurora Figurine
Aurora Couture De Force
Maleficent The Wicked-Silver Limited
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Briar Rose -  Disney Treasure On Canvas
Maleficent Couture de Force Figurine