Privacy Policy

Stage Nine Entertainment Store, Inc. collects information directly from you for your registration, payment, transactions, and user profile. We also automatically collect from you your usage information, cookies and similar technologies, and device information, subject, where necessary, to your consent. Stage Nine Entertainment Store, Inc. may also collect User Personal Information from third parties. We only collect the minimum amount of personal information necessary from you, unless you choose to provide more.

What information Stage Nine Entertainment Store, Inc. does not collect

We don’t knowingly collect information from children under 13, and we don’t collect Sensitive Personal Information.

How Stage Nine Entertainment Store, Inc. uses your information

In this section, we describe the ways in which we use your information, including to provide you the Service, to communicate with you, for security purposes, and to improve our Service. We also describe the legal basis upon which we process your information, where legally required.

How we share the information we collect             

We may share your information with third parties under one of the following circumstances: with your consent, with our service providers, for security purposes, to comply with our legal obligations, or when there is a change of control or sale of corporate entities or business units. We do not sell your personal information and we do not host advertising on Stage Nine Entertainment Store, Inc.. You can see a list of the service providers that access your information.

We provide ways for you to access, alter, or delete your personal information.

Our use of cookies and tracking We use cookies for the overall functionality of our Website, and we use a small number of tracking and analytics services on a few parts of our site. We offer a page that makes this very transparent. Please see this section for more information.

How Stage Nine Entertainment Store, Inc. secures your information         

We take all measures reasonably necessary to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your personal information on Stage Nine Entertainment Store, Inc. and to protect the resilience of our servers.

Stage Nine Entertainment Store, Inc.'s global privacy practices    

We provide a high standard of privacy protection to all our users around the world.

How we communicate with you We communicate with you by email. You can control the way we contact you in your account settings, or by contacting us.

Resolving complaints     

In the unlikely event that we are unable to resolve a privacy concern quickly and thoroughly, we provide a path of dispute resolution through external arbiters.

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about our Privacy Statement.