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Authentic Ward Kimball Collection

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This collection of Ward Kimball items comes from Stage Nine's personal collection of Disney memorabilia.  Ward Kimball's personal suspenders with certificate of authenticity "Firehouse 5" drum box, with certificate of authenticity  "Firehouse 5" record, "The Firehouse 5 plus two: Good Time Jazz"  Comes with custom made display for your home or office.  Estimated dimensions: 20" x 82" x 36"  In the mid-1940s, a group of Walt Disney animators, artists, writers and musicians who loved jazz and collected records would gather around a phonograph at the studio during lunch breaks and play along with the records. “We used to get together for record sessions, at which the guys would take out their horns and accompany the pros on wax,“ remembered Ward Kimball in the first article about the band written by Robert Greene that appeared in the Record Changer magazine of September 1949. “One day the phonograph broke down, and someone had the startling notion to play without it. To our surprise, it sounded better than when we played with the record! I know it sounds corny but it’s true. And from then on we went on playing in our own strictly ‘no style’ style.” Ward Kimball was an essential part of the Firehouse Five group and continued with it until the group finally dissolved in 1971.