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Brass Stein With Lid from Disney World's Pirates of the Caribbean Attraction

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Brass Stein With Lid from Walt Disney World's Pirates of the Caribbean Attraction.  Expertly framed and displayed, the stein is accompanied by a Pirates of the Caribbean mini attraction poster. 

Framed Size: 10 x 20

The Pirates of the Caribbean ride was originally opened at the Anaheim Disneyland in 1967, being one of the most popular attraction ever since. This collector's item is for fans of that ride that want an original prop that was at the park and a part of Disneyland's past.

The Pirates of the Caribbean are famous for drinking their rum, and this was one of the steins designed to go on the ride that the riders would see in the hands of the pirates or on the tables they are sitting at. The brass coloring is deigned to make it look like they would have blundered it, as was the pirate's way.

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