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Fantasia by Lyndon Willoughby

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Artist: Lyndon Willoughby
Size: 36” x 24”
Technique: Serigraph | 10 Colors
Edition Size: Limited Edition of 175
Features: Metallic Ink
Paper: Black Plike
Printed by:  Cyclops Print Works
Officially Licensed by Disney
Release Date: November 24, 2020 

Orders will ship in 2-3 Weeks.

It's pretty incredible to think that Walt Disney's Fantasia has been around for EIGHTY years.  Crazy, right? A  lot has changed since 1940, yet somehow this groundbreaking achievement  in animation has endured and is now as timeless a classic as the  legendary music that accompanies each segment.

We are so excited  to unveil this sensational print designed by artist Lyndon Willoughby. A  fittingly elegant tribute to one of the world's most enchanting films,  which radiates with all the wonder, magic, color, and mystery that made  us fall in love with Fantasia