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Fantasia by Lyndon Willoughby

SKU: 139670

Artist: Lyndon Willoughby
Size: 36” x 24”
Technique: Serigraph | 10 Colors
Edition Size: Limited Edition of 175
Features: Metallic Ink
Paper: Black Plike
Printed by:  Cyclops Print Works
Officially Licensed by Disney
Release Date: November 24, 2020 

Orders will ship in 2-3 Weeks.

It's pretty incredible to think that Walt Disney's Fantasia has been around for EIGHTY years.  Crazy, right? A  lot has changed since 1940, yet somehow this groundbreaking achievement  in animation has endured and is now as timeless a classic as the  legendary music that accompanies each segment.

We are so excited  to unveil this sensational print designed by artist Lyndon Willoughby. A  fittingly elegant tribute to one of the world's most enchanting films,  which radiates with all the wonder, magic, color, and mystery that made  us fall in love with Fantasia

Fantasia by Lyndon Willoughby