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Fantasia - Sorcerer Hat in Castle Window

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Disney Fine Art Glass, Limited Edition7.5" x 8.5"The heart of each piece of Disney Fine Art glass is inspired by the legendary films of Walt Disney & brought to life in the form of an original painting created by highly acclaimed artists such as Toby Bluth, Peter Ellenshaw, Jim Salvati Mike Kupka & Trevor Carlton.Glass sculptors ~ artisans displaying extreme discipline~ cut, grind, & polish the finest optical crystal glass into a beautiful & unique sculpture. Then, using utmost care, the inner space is meticulously bored out & etched to accept paint.Using a long yet pliable brush with a few strands of wolf's hair, the artist's original painting is flawlessly ren-dered inside the glass. Extreme talent, dexterity, & patience are demanded each time a painting is commenced. The brush used to paint the Sorcerer's Hat Castle Window from Fantasia is included.These heirloom quality masterpieces will bring wonder to all your guests. Exquisitely packaged in a beautiful presentation box, each limited edition piece includes a certificate of authenticity and a real wolf€™s hair brush. All so that they story of how these amazing pieces come to life can be shared among friends, family and passed down to be enjoyed for generations.