Fantasia - Sorcerer Hat in Castle Window

SKU: 932564



Disney Fine Art Glass, Limited Edition

7.5" x 8.5"

The heart of each piece of Disney Fine Art glass is inspired by the legendary films of Walt Disney & brought to life in the form of an original painting created by highly acclaimed artists such as Toby Bluth, Peter Ellenshaw, Jim Salvati Mike Kupka & Trevor Carlton.

Glass sculptors ~ artisans displaying extreme discipline~ cut, grind, & polish the finest optical crystal glass into a beautiful & unique sculpture. Then, using utmost care, the inner space is meticulously bored out & etched to accept paint.

Using a long yet pliable brush with a few strands of wolf's hair, the artist's original painting is flawlessly ren-dered inside the glass. Extreme talent, dexterity, & patience are demanded each time a painting is commenced. The brush used to paint the Sorcerer's Hat Castle Window from Fantasia is included.

These heirloom quality masterpieces will bring wonder to all your guests. Exquisitely packaged in a beautiful presentation box, each limited edition piece includes a certificate of authenticity and a real wolf€™s hair brush. All so that they story of how these amazing pieces come to life can be shared among friends, family and passed down to be enjoyed for generations.