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Flagship Optimus Prime Transformer (Limited Edition)

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  • Genuine authorization, G1 animation restoration
  • Auto-converting, authentic "transforming" sounds
  • APP and Voice Control
  • Four programming modes

 Robosen’s Hasbro-licensed Optimus Prime comes to life in robot form as the world’s first auto-converting Transformer.

 From vehicle to robot and back, Optimus Prime can walk in human form and can be driven in vehicle form.

Immersive voice interaction & Voiced by Peter Cullen

With 39 commands including “Roll Out”, “Convert”, and “Attack!” Even better, Optimus will respond to your voice. Just say “Hey, Optimus Prime” along with a command and watch him come to life.

4 Programming Modes, Unlock Infinite Gameplay

Four programming modes are voice, manual, block-based, and 3D software. Use them to create your favorite poses and actions by reliving all those classic scenes

Remote App Control

Our exclusive app allows you to transform, walk, and steer Optimus via a Bluetooth mobile app. Automatically transform into a truck with one click for a fun remote-controlled driving experience.

27 High-Precision Servo Motors

Advanced adaptive gait algorithm makes high flexibility and high degree of freedom for Optimus, and can perform classic hero pose, push-ups, Kung fu and other highly complex actions.