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Mulan Blossoms of Love

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Gallery Wrapped Giclee Print

By Thomas Kinkade Studios

Size: 14 x 14

Certificate of Authenticity Included


Image Notes

The legend of Hua Mulan comes back to life every time someone needs a  source of hope and inspiration. In Disney’s Mulan, she is depicted as a  strong and independent woman, whose fate and destiny are determined by  her own decisions. Even though she’s at a disadvantage at training camp  and Captain Shang is hard on her, she overcomes every obstacle in her  path and proves herself to be a worthy soldier. Later, she becomes one  of the greatest heroes the Chinese army has ever seen, by using her  intelligence and cunning to figure out how to defeat the Huns. To this  day, Mulan is a symbol of bravery and honor. Many people believe she was  a real person and as long as she inspires them, it may not matter if  she ever truly existed.