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Original Doom Buggy Ride Vehicle Door

SKU: 144780

Original Doom Buggy Ride vehicle door from the Haunted Mansion in Walt Disney World.  The original Doom Buggy doors were originally fiberglass and later changed to vacuum form production process because of a high tendency for cracking in the fiberglass units. 

Walt Disney World, c.1980s) An original door from one of the Haunted Mansion's iconic "Doom Buggy" Omnimover vehicles. Composed of painted fiberglass, these familiar doors would open and close automatically with help from the attraction's Ghost Host. The door measures 33" tall, 52" long. Original pieces of attraction vehicles are rare in their own right, with a large section from a Doom Buggy such as this being an exceptionally rare and desirable Haunted Mansion artifact.

This original Doom Buggy door has been expertly restored to its original finish and correct paint color. It is accompanied by a custom-made floor display so that it can be enjoyed in your home. 

Special freight charges and crating fees apply to this item. 

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Original Doom Buggy Ride Vehicle Door