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Our Fairytale - Disney Treasure On Canvas

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Gallery Wrapped Canvas Giclee Print.  Treasure Limited (1500) by Karin Arruda Size: 16" x 12.5"  Certificate of Authenticity Included  About the Artist  Karin Arruda was born in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil and became interested in art at an early age. When she was seven years old she began attending a Catholic art school that was recognized for being one of the best in the country. During her time at this school Karin learned several classic techniques in art. “This education was the beginning of what I call my ‘mental library’ where I keep all of the experiences and knowledge acquired throughout my life to draw upon as inspiration for my artwork,” says Karin. Despite her passion for art, Karin’s career began in the field of veterinary medicine.  During her time in college Karin’s deep personal connection to her artwork continued, and in 2002 she left her veterinary career to dedicate herself exclusively to her passion for art with paper. After traveling across Brazil teaching her paper sculpting technique to over 3000 students, Karin launched online classes in English and Portuguese through her website to teach her technique. In Brazil, Karin created two exhibitions called Faith in Paper, where sacred images were presented on white paper. Her works have also been used to illustrate children's books and magazine covers. Since 2012, Karin donated works to be auctioned for the pediatric ward of the National Cancer Institute, in Rio de Janeiro. "That was the way I found to repay everything good that my art gives me," she says. A perpetual student of artistic knowledge, Karin continues to learn and always utilizes new materials and techniques to enrich her work and evolve as an artist. "Disney’s characters have always been a passion in my life,” says Karin. “The high standards of quality that Disney puts into everything has taught me to always strive to do my best and never stop seeking perfection.”  She considers the opportunity to create Disney artwork as the crowning achievement on her personal journey as an artist.