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Private Shopping In The Vault - Dec 26th - After Xmas Sale

SKU: 471013

Our BIG After Christmas Sale begins December 26th and this year we have three ways to shop safely!

With the ongoing complications and concerns caused by COVID-19, we want to make it easy for our local customers to safely shop in-person with us during these challenging times. For those familiar with our traditional "After Christmas Sale", we will be conducting the event in a different manner this year to help keep our customers and staff safe by adhering to state and local guidelines.

1. Dec 26 - Appointment Shopping in The Vault

Our booking window is now closed.  If you would still like to shop The Vault on the 26th, please look for our standby line.

Choose a shopping time that is convenient for you!  Appointment slots are available from 8AM to 9PM on Dec 26th. Appointment shoppers gain exclusive full-access to our entire collection of in-stock animation art and collectibles in The Vault.

All appointment shoppers will get a bonus $25 in-store discount at checkout!


  • Two persons are allowed per 20 minute appointment.
  • Facial coverings are required at all times.
  • In order to to be fair and accommodate as many guests as possible, we are unable to accept back to back or multiple consecutive appointment bookings by the same customer. Back to back appointments will  automatically be reduced to a single 20 minute appointment.
  • Limit one $25 in-store credit per customer/family.
  • Discounts on booking fees are not allowed.
  • The Vault will be closed to the general public during appointment shopping, however, appointment shoppers shall have access to the entire store during and after their appointment time.

2. Dec 26 - In-Store Shopping at Stage Nine & G.Willikers
Enjoy the rest of our stores including Stage Nine Entertainment, California Clothiers, The Old Fashioned Candy and Confectionery Store, and G.Willikers Toy Emporium. Everything in our stores will be 40% Off! Social distancing rules will be in full effect and there will be an outdoor waiting queue as we monitor the flow of traffic to maintain 20% occupancy. Facial coverings will be required at all times. The Vault will be unavailable to in-store shoppers that do not have an appointment.

3.  Dec 26 & 27 - Shop Online
Our 40% Off Sale begins at 8am PST on Dec 26 and ends Dec 27th at 11:59 PST . Everything online will be 40% off!


Information on Appointment Shopping in The Vault

We will provide a clean and highly-sanitized environment while practicing safe social distancing so that you shop to your heart's content! The Vault appointment holders will also be permitted to browse the rest of the store along with general admission shoppers that will be admitted in moderated and socially safe manner.

Other Limitations and Disclaimers

Party size for shopping appointments is limited to no more than two individuals.  Appointment booking fees are not refundable.  Appointment booking fee will be refunded to your in-store purchase total during checkout.  Booking fees are non-refundable for cancelled or missed appointments. Limit one $25 appointment shopping discount per appointment. $5 flat rate shipping will not be available for online orders while he sale is active. Savings from our After Christmas Sale cannot be combined with any other offers, discounts, or promotions. We cannot accept phone orders.

Private Shopping In The Vault - Dec 26th - After Xmas Sale