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Rolife DIY Build Kit - Mose's Detective Agency, DG157

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About: Visit Mose's Detective Agency to find the answer for all the unsolved mysteries! Working through days and nights with the chief detective to recover justice for your clients! Mose's Detective Agency Miniature Dollhouse is a new addition to the Mystic Archives dollhouse collection. It is a perfectly suitable choice for both beginners who want to try out a new hobby or veterans who are seeking new inspiration for their next diorama projects!

Rolife Mose's Detective Agency DG157 is a British-style DIY Miniature House from the Mystic Archives Series. When we think of England, one thing that immediately comes to mind is a gentleman detective. Designers are inspired by the classic detective literature and recent hit movie and TV series, using representative architectural structure and style elements to create this mini detective agency. Whether it is a retro typewriter, hidden clues wall, detective hat, or luggage, this kit will instantly take you into the world of this genius detective.

Scene with A Story: This miniature house is tightly focused on 'story', 'scenario' and 'sense of atmosphere' in the selection of the theme & style: Whether you focus on the overall look or any detail, you can instantly get into the story.

Ambient Light Set: Each product has 1. warm and bright LED lights; 2. hidden battery box (you need to prepare two 7 batteries yourself).

Easy Assembly (no coloring needed): All the miniature house kits in this series come with paints and don't need extra painting. Also, compared to the previous products, this series has increased the proportion of finished parts, making the assembly process simpler and more comfortable.

Difficulty: ★★★

Product Details:

  • Finished Product Dimension: 200x 130 x 160mm
  • Box Dimension: 210 x 260 x 70 mm
  • Materials: Wood, Plastic, Paper & Fabrics


  • LED lights, Accessories, Brush, Fabric/Metal/Paper/Plastic/Wood, Manual, Glue

Required Tools:

  • Glue (White & Silicone Variant), Rulers & Scissors
  • Screwdrivers
  • Needle
  • Battery: x2 3V button cell (CR2032)

Time to Complete: ~7h