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Stage Nine's 30th Anniversary Celebration

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Edition: Sept 30 VIP Event (7PM)


Join us on September 30th and October 1st, from 11 AM to 4 PM, as Stage Nine proudly celebrates 30 incredible years in business! We're taking over K Street in the heart of the Old Sacramento Waterfront for two unforgettable days of festivities.

Picture this: food trucks, gourmet lemonade to quench your thirst, a DeLorean time machine straight out of "Back to the Future," the Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo, a wide array of games to test your skills, and a collection of unique and fun photo opportunities that you won't want to miss. But that's not all, we'll have a DJ spinning music life from the balconies of Stage Nine. 

And don't miss the crowning jewel of our event; the astonishingly lifelike Grogu animatronic from "The Mandalorian" TV series, crafted by the talented team at Garner Holt Productions and EFX.  Get up close and personal with this remarkable robotic creation and capture a memory that's out of this world. It's a rare opportunity you won't find anywhere else.

Join us for this momentous celebration and let's make memories together!

Schedule of Events

Saturday, Sept 30 @ 11AM-4PM
Street entertainment & food trucks (public event)

Saturday, Sept 30 @ 7PM in the Underground Vault
30th Anniversary VIP Event (limited seating, registration required)
$20 per guest.

Sunday, Oct 1 @ 11AM-4PM
Street entertainment & food trucks (public event)

DAY 1 - September 30, 2023

At 11AM, we will kick off our anniversary weekend by closing K Street in the Old Sacramento Waterfront to bring the party outdoors! We will have food trucks on-site and a variety of games and activities that will be sure to entertain all ages! We will also be holding painting classes with Trevor Mezak and Don "Ducky" Williams.

As the sun sets, we will continue the celebration with our exclusive VIP party starting at 7PM. This private party is dedicated to our cherished guests, friends, and family of Stage Nine. To make it even more enchanting, we're thrilled to welcome four 4 renowned Disney artists.

These talented artists will be sharing their captivating art, mesmerizing stories, and, of course, mingling with guests. It's a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with the creative minds behind the magic!

DAY 2 - October 1, 2023

The festivities continue on the street in front of Stage Nine, starting at 11AM and lasting until 4PM. This day is open to the public, so bring your friends and family for a day of fun and excitement. Two additional painting classes will continue be conducted by Dom Corona and Randle Noble.

Throughout the weekend, our four esteemed guest artists will be available to meet with guests, discuss their incredible work, and maybe even share some behind-the-scenes secrets.

Don't miss this remarkable celebration of 30 years of Stage Nine Entertainment Store! Join us for an unforgettable weekend of art, entertainment, and memories. See you there!

Painting Classes

We will be conducting painting art classes on Sept 30 and Oct 1 at 1PM and 3PM each day in the Underground Vault. Space is extremely limited so be sure to register soon! Each class is just $5 per person.

Class 1 - Saturday, Sept 30 @ 1PM with Trevor Mezak
This class will be hosted by Disney artist Trevor Mezak, who will be teaching about the art of painting with watercolors.

Class 2 - Saturday, Sept 30 @ 3PM with Don "Ducky" Williams
This class will be hosted by Disney artist Don "Ducky" Williams, who will be leading a sketching class with a focus on classic animated characters.

Class 3 - Sunday, Oct 1 @ 1PM with Dom Corona
This class will be hosted by Disney artist Dom Corona, who will be teaching about painting with acrylics.

Class 4 - Oct 1 @ 3PM with Randy Noble
This class will be hosted by Disney artist Randy Noble, who will be leading a drawing class.