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Steiff 1908 Replica Teddy Bear

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In 1908, six colored bears were commissioned for presentation to a buyer in London. Four were never seen again:  pink, yellow, green and black. Until now! Thanks to a passionate and knowledgeable Steiff collector, the never-before-seen black 1908 bear has at last been discovered. His name is Bruno. Steiff’s archivist and designers carefully studied his intricate details, and the result is a replica that is truly a masterpiece.

14", 2022, Replica Bruno is made from short dense black mohair replicated by ‘Steiff Schulte’ to be the same as the first Bruno, cream wool felt pawpads, red floss claws, stuffed with wood wool (excelsior), black wooden eyes, hand stitched dark grey floss nose and mouth, in his left ear is a underscored steel patinated button with a his original ear tag replicated. His limited replica ear tag is stitched in his left side seam. Steiff has made every effort to made this replica a mirror image of the 1908 bear. Fully jointed strong loud growler, made in Germany, certificates and all tags.