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The Mandalorian-An Uneasy Alliance

SKU: 145590

Framed Canvas Print from Thomas Kinkade Stusios

By Monte Moore

Size: 17.5 x 21.5 (Image Size 12 x 16)

Certificate of Authenticity Included




After a tentative agreement is struck between Greef Karga™ and his Bounty Hunter Guild, mercenaries’ tensions still seem on edge as the Mandalorian™ and his contingent huddle around a fire on the Nevarro™ plains later that night. Although plans are being made for the next day’s events, not all involved are still sure they can trust their new companions. The only attendees who truly seem at ease are Kuiil™ and Grogu™, who generally seem to enjoy their brief rest by the fire after their recent journeys. But that moment of calm may soon be interrupted… 

The Mandalorian-An Uneasy Alliance