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Walt's Microphone Shield

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This one-of-a-kind, hand-painted microphone shield was first used at the Carnation Plaza Gardens by visiting band leaders. It was brought over to the Disneyland Hotel on July 17th, 1965 to be used on the microphone stand for the Tencennial Cast Banquet. As seen in the picture that comes as part of the display, Walt spoke at the banquet, sharing his past stories and future hopes for his beloved Disneyland. The photo shows Walt's hand actually on this shield. The custom display includes a duplicate microphone on a facsimile stand to properly display this iconic treasure. The microphone switch activates a CD player in the stand that plays Walt's comments actually made at the Banquet. The shield measures 5.5"x4.5" on the 65" tall stand. The shield is in very good condition, presented perfectly for display, an unbelievably rare item, actually handled by Walt Disney himself.

The new, custom-made wood and glass display case is interactive and includes the recorded audio from the Tencennial Cast Banquet.

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