Winnie The Pooh I

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Gallery Wrapped Canvas Giclee Print from Thomas Kinkade Studio

Size: 14 x 14

Certificate of Authenticity Included



There are few if any works of literature or animation that better capture the innocence and wisdom of the child and the child€™s perspective on life than the A. A. Milne classic €œWinnie the Pooh€. There were few if any books or films that influenced Thom as a young boy more than these stories detailing the adventures of Christopher Robin and his delightful menagerie of friends as they all adventured in the Hundred Acre Wood. In 1966 when Disney Studios began releasing their featurettes chronicling these wondrous tales, Thom could not have been more excited. His childhood fancies were coming to life. It is in honor of that time in his life we at the Thomas Kinkade Studios proudly introduce scenes from this magical story of love, faith, friendship and adventure. It is in these paintings we hope our collectors reflect on and always remember these undeniable truths from Pooh himself, such as €œnobody can be uncheered with a balloon€ or €œwhen you see someone putting on his Big Boots, you can be pretty sure that an adventure is going to happen.€

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